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Come celebrate National Scotch Day with us!

We have plenty of options to satisfy the most particular pallets.

Singles, doubles, neat or on the rocks- any way you love your scotch is something we can do. We can even chill it down with an Ice Ball made just for you by one of our Twin Peaks Girls at the bar. What’s the point? Both the size and the shape of the ice used in a drink effect how the drink will taste, i.e. slightly chilled versus a watered-down mess. Smaller cubes will melt faster, where the larger will put off less water while still keeping it cool. You’re welcome!
Nat'l scotch dayCan’t decide which scotch is yours for the day? We have a couple of suggestions.

Dewar’s 12 year
- AKA “The Ancestor”
- Whiskies are blended in vintage oak casks where they are left to age into a perfect bottle of scotch.

Johnnie Walker Black
- “Two decades in the planning”
- Whiskey is drawn from Scotland’s finest distilleries, and aged in casks. The wood, climate and location will differ a bit each time- bringing a uniquely aged bottle each time.

Balvenie 12 Year
- Hand selected casks picked for their sweetness and vanilla roots. One single cask will produce no more than 300 hand-numbered bottles that are completely original from each other.

Come to Twin Peaks and try some of your favorites with us. After all, it’s National Scotch Day!

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It’s National Tequila Day!

As if you need any excuse, Friday, July 24 is National Tequila Day! What better place to enjoy your favorite tequila than at Twin Peaks?

Signature ritaWe’ll serve it up naked, dressed, chilled or straight out of the bottle. Twin Peaks houses plenty of Blancos aka pure form tequila, Reposados that have a little bit of rest and relaxation to them, and Anejos, which are the most aged.

• Blancos can be referred to as silvers, are younger and unaged.
• Reposados have a few months until their belts, giving them a golden hue.
• Anejos are the smoother, richer, more complex of the three, having sat in a barrel for a minimum of twelve months.

One of our long-time favorites is Patron, for more reasons than one. We’ll take two ounces of Patron Silver, mix in a little Agave syrup and combine with freshly squeezed lime juice. Our bartenders vigorously shake the Signature Ritas to make the best combination of lime and tequila we’ve ever seen. The small addition of Agave syrup allows the drink to be just a little bit sweet. Come celebrate National Tequila Day with us!

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Twin Peaks National Contest at Gas Monkey

Aubrey Smith from Twin Peaks East Wichita took home the crown for Miss Twin Peaks 2015!

The 5th Annual Twin Peaks National Bikini Contest was held on Wednesday, June 24 at Gas Monkey Live in Dallas. 67 beautiful Twin Peaks Girls from all over the country traveled to Dallas for a jam packed week. It all came down to one- Aubrey from East Wichita. She now holds the title for Miss Twin Peaks 2015 and a cash prize of $5,000!
Aubrey Blog Photo

The show was hosted by Richard Rawlings, star of hit Discovery series Fast N’ Loud. He also is the proud owner of Gas Monkey Garage, Gas Monkey Bar and Grill, and the newly opened Gas Monkey Live which packed a full house Wednesday.

With over 1700 guests in attendance, the 67 Twin Peaks Girls rocked the stage in a signature red bikini, their personal bikini wear, sexy lingerie outfits, and the top ten took the stage by storm in our signature Lumber Jill gear.

Shanise from San Angelo was friendly and made her mark, taking home the title of Miss Popular. The adorable Randi from Baton Rouge won Miss Congeniality. Teaira, from Columbia, South Carolina was named 2nd runner up and Emily, Miss South Fort Worth, was named 1st runner up.

The high-intensity, action-packed contest was judged by a panel of experienced celebrity judges. They included Shannon Marketic, Miss USA 1992; Dianna Rojas, Miss Latina Texas 2015; Urijah Faber, UFC Fighter; Matt Asiata, Minnesota Vikings running back; and Priscilla Smith, an NPC Bikini Competitor.

Aubrey, Miss Twin Peaks 2015, has worked for the company for the past 3 years and says she started working at Twin Peaks “because of the many great perks and the fun atmosphere.” She won her local competition earlier this year and said, “Getting to compete for Miss Twin Peaks 2015 alongside my fellow Twin Peaks Girls was a huge bonus. This has been a really incredible experience!”

Follow Aubrey and the rest of the beautiful contestants’ journey to Miss Twin Peaks 2015 here.

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July’s Sizzling Salad of the Month: The Steak Salad

Don’t let the word ‘salad’ fool you- this one needs a category of its own.

At Twin Peaks, we understand what a hearty appetite is all about. Every item on our menu satisfies those hungers and the steak salad is no different.
Steak salad
The steak salad embodies two amazing things- the freshness of fresh, crisp romaine topped with sizzling and grilled steak. The salad is mixed with spicy pico de gallo, bold pepper jack cheese, grilled roasted corn, crispy tortilla strips and black beans.

It’s tossed in house-made cilantro lime vinaigrette dressing, leaving you with the kick of cilantro on your taste buds. You make the decisions around here and decide how you want your steak cooked. If you’re feeling adventurous- next time try it with chicken or shrimp instead.

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Peak Dad’s Curiosity This Father’s Day

Invite dad to celebrate with us!

Give dad what he really wants this Father’s Day- Twin Peaks! Treat him to a free Teaser on us this Sunday, June 21. It’s our way of giving a little extra thanks each year for all of our loyal dads.
Give the Chips & Queso a try and don’t forget to add some venison chili on top. Or maybe one of our hand-twisted soft pretzels will hit the spot served up with made-in-house Knotty Brunette beer cheese and spicy mustard.

Need a last minute gift for dad? Our gift cards are available in store, and are now available for purchase online.

The games are on, and the beer is always 29 degrees cold. We’ll see you Sunday!

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A new drink menu hits all Twin Peaks!

It’s time for some new concoctions around here. Which one will be your favorite?

Just in time for the peak of summer, Twin Peaks restaurants across the nation are now featuring a freshly-picked drink menu to go along with the amazing, made-from-scratch food options we’ve all grown to love.

A fan favorite, the Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Smash, takes some simple elements to make something extraordinary. Picture two full ounces of Jack Daniel’s Black whiskey, simple syrup and mint leaves. Give the mixture a little shake, pour over ice and/or ice ball, and top with fresh mint. They’re surprisingly stout and sweet all at once.Moscow

If whiskey isn’t your poison, we have plenty of other new options for you to choose from!

• Hendrick’s Original Tom Collins
- Hendrick’s gin, freshly squeezed lemon juice, simple syrup and club soda

• Ketel One Moscow Mule
- Ketel One vodka, freshly squeezed lime juice, topped with ginger beer and served in a tin mug

• Tropic Thunder
- Red Bull Tropical, Malibu coconut rum and Bacardi rum

• Bulleit Rye Old Fashioned
- Double shot of Bulleit Rye and the combination of two bitters

Find a location near you here.

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A Memorial Day to Remember

It’s the time of year to put our food where our gratitude is.

We are offering a special salute with a 10th Annual Memorial Day Appreciation Menu for those first responders who deserve it the most. All military men and women (past and present), police, firefighters and first responders are invited to join us for the free meal of their choice this Memorial Day, Monday May 25. Memorial Day

It’s one way we can say “thanks”, with an exclusive menu to choose from just for you. To show our appreciation, we will be offering favorites like:
• Chicken Tender Basket
• Blackened Chicken Quesadillas
• Philly Cheesesteak
• Blackened Fish Tacos
• Twin Cheeseburger

The Twin Peaks girls will be swapping their buffalo plaid for a little bit of camo, all to celebrate Memorial Day. We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without the men and women who put their lives on the line every single day for our freedom. Today, and every day, we recognize you!

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It’s American Craft Beer Week

Love local American craft beer? Come enjoy our house brews with us during American Craft Beer week!


Gold Digger

May 13 kicks off American Craft Beer week, running all the way through May 17. The Twin Peaks Brewery is dedicated to creating the delicious home-grown American Craft Beers. Whether you’re into Dirty Blondes or if Knotty Brunettes are more your type, Twin Peaks has the right choice for you. Our craft beers are brewed locally at the Twin Peaks Brewery in Irving, Texas.

Knotty Brunette is an American Brown Ale featuring darker roots with hints of coffee and nutty flavor. The Dirty Blonde on the other hand is an American White Ale with wheat roots and citrus tastes.

Our newest addition is the Gold Digger, a golden ale perfectly embodying hops and malt together with a mild bitterness and fruit aromas.

Love our beers and wish you could have some on reserve in your fridge at home? Now you can! Twin Peaks Brewery has starting canning and selling its house brews in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Find out where you can grab yours here!

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South Carolina welcomes a second home to Twin Peaks in Columbia

The Vista location will open Monday, April 20, 2015 for dinner only through April 25. It will begin regular opening hours at 11 a.m. on Sunday, April 26.

What’s better than one Twin Peaks location to call South Carolina home? Two!
Twin Peaks Columbia is now open and ready for business. The new location will feature 57 high definition TVs, so you can truly see every game from every angle. Like beer? Columbia will be home to 32 craft and domestic brews. Outside there’s a fire pit set on a spacious outdoor patio.

What isn’t different is the made-from-scratch, hearty menu all Twin Peaks locations goers have grown to love. There’s plenty of eats, drinks, and scenic views to go around!

For more information on the Twin Peaks Columbia location, address and hours of operation, visit its website here.

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Shot skis bring the party!

There’s room for four and no hands are allowed.

At Twin Peaks, we’re anything but ordinary. The way we take our shots bears no different! Grab your three favorite friends and dive into our shot ski the next time you come pay us a visit.Shot Ski

A group of Twin Peaks girls will announce your shot to the restaurant, chanting “Shot ski, shot ski!” their entire way from the bar. But keep your hands off! Shot ski takers are required to keep their hands behind their backs so you better get ready!

See your local Twin Peaks for details on Shot Ski specials. We can put virtually any party shot in the ski. Try some Fireball cinnamon whiskey for a shot that may taste like heaven, but burns like hell!

Wanna see how it works? Check it out here.

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