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9 Responses to “Love Twin Peaks? Now you can show your love every day!”

  1. l richard kieft

    i experience at your restaurant in wheeling Illinois was made pleasant by server Jenna. It was slow and was able to spend time talking about this and that. she is a very good person and knowledgeable. thank you jenna

  2. ian baynes

    i was in the bar in april 2013, it was a great place to have a drink and some food and the girls were very good, when im in vegas i will be there agaid, thank you girls for a great nights out xx

  3. Val

    Hey Y’all! Great time today at Twin Peaks Concord NC! We sat at the outdoor bar and had a great time. Great Bartender, great atmosphere, BIG TV screens with all sports! Hey, I am a gal and although this place is for the MAN this WOMAN had a nice time. Will be back again. For the men the ladies are better to look at than hooters chics…shhhhhhhhhh

  4. Scott Sasse

    I wish we could have a Contest to rate the best Waitress. but it would be impossible at the San Antonio Location: Because I can’t tell who is the best — Thay are all wonderful!

  5. jeff Hicks

    Las Vegas Twin Peaks is smokin !!! You will not get any better treatment anywhere . I love it . I lunch there often because it gives me a whole new outlook, when I go back to work . Chears to the Twin Peaks girls of Las Vegas !!!

  6. Dale

    I visit the Twins Peaks in Bedford Texas often, I love the place and the girls are the best, I hope this place stays open, i know construction on the highway has cut buisness down by about 60% but once the construction is done it will be busier than ever, Only wish is that you would add to the menu, I love the food , just need to add to it, ribs, onion rings, a few more desserts, I love the place, thanks to all the girls and the staff, great job.

  7. Willie Schandel

    I love Tin peaks I’ve been going there for a while. I’ve going to the twin peaks in Arophoe county , Colorado. The food delish and I love the wings. I would say you guys make the best wings in town best ever. Also the twin peaks gals they re so nice beautiful and I even got great service everytime I come here. Me and my dad love it. Keep up the great work and best wishes go out to you.

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