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Twin Peaks Premiers On Undercover Boss

Our CEO and Founder Randy DeWitt went Undercover to Uncover The Realities of Twin Peaks’!
The Twin Peaks’ CEO has gone incognito-disguising himself as an unsuspecting trainee for Twin Peaks! He has learned our tricks of the trade, as we teach him how to bar tend, bar back, prep cook, and serve tables just like our valued veteran staff members. Randy visited a handful of our Twin Peaks Restaurants, settling in at all Texas locations: Round Rock, Frisco, Odessa, and Webster.

As a server in Webster, Randy follows one of our TPGs as he learns the ropes of waiting tables with a Twin Peaks touch. Twin Peaks Girls are known for their hint of sass, but always try to keep up the “girl next door” image with playful personalities. Bartending in Frisco, Randy tests our TPG’s thick skin as she deals with a surprise problem guest in disguise! Customer service is a must-but what do the Twin Peaks Girls do when they’re not receiving the same A+ treatment and respect that they dish out to their guests?
Randy and Chloe UCB
Randy pumps some iron when he follows Kale as a bar back in Round Rock. We all know that the Twin Peaks Girls are in tip top shape, but who would have thought about the buff bar backs!? Randy gets a lesson in heavy lifting as he acts as the brawn behind the girls’ beauty.

Odessa, home of Brenda the prep cook, is where Randy learns the fast paced nature of the kitchen, and what it takes to sustain a delicious made-from-scratch menu. In order to keep serving up farm fresh dishes, Randy learns the importance of hustling behind the kitchen doors.

If you didn’t get a chance to watch the episode, check out clips on! Staying in Undercover Boss fashion, there will be some twists and turns along the way as Randy tests the company’s culture and foundation, learning and observing through the eyes of an employee.

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12 Responses to “Twin Peaks Premiers On Undercover Boss”

  1. Terry McCoy

    I was able to view the entire 1st episode,before it was removed. Interesting how it all works. I patron Twins Peaks Arapahoe(CO).

  2. rick barnard

    love the place !
    why not shot glasses ?
    my wife collects from everywhere.
    twin peeks
    is all thats missing !

  3. Gary Stipe

    I really enjoyed Undercover Boss… I also enjoy Twin Peaks every time I visit; here in El Paso and in Albuquerque when I’m up there. Does Twin Peaks have any specials for our vets on Veterans Day like other fine restaurants?

  4. George Hoffmann

    I saw that episode of Undercover Boss and it was awesome. Tell you wife awesome name for a restaurant. Keep the gorgeous women coming. I was at the opening for the Metairie, LA location from open to close and had the time of my life. I agree with Rick from the above comment, I collect Shot Glasses as well and would love a Twin Peaks one.

    Thanks again and keep up the good work.

    From the Security Staff at The Esplanade Mall in Kenner, LA.


    Hey Gary!
    On Monday, November 11th we are honoring all Veterans and Current Military with a Free Hot Dish at Twin Peaks! Hope to see you soon.

  6. Lonnie

    Hope Chloe really gets the cover of that calendar wow she’s hot I. Wanna buy that!

  7. Ann Cahoe

    May I suggest to Randy DeWitt and Coby Brooks consider building a Twin Peaks Resturant
    at Louisville, Ky . Thank You.

  8. Bryan Watson

    I was very impressed with the show, great concept restaurant, and the people that work there. I can relate (running my own restaurants) it was such a heart felt, great ending. I hope Brenda and her husband enjoyed the Dallas cowboys game (I live in Cape Town South Africa so don’t really understand the game) but it was one of the best programmes I’ve seen in a while.
    Well done andaAll the best. It really does pay to talk to your staff!!

  9. dayang

    OMG I was so impressed of the CEO Randy for giving a large amounts as a rewards for the employees who did their job well. The most extravagant CEO so far. I just watch it today, I can’t believed it’s a replay. Wish all employer can do that to most of the employee….really the best. Im so proud of you!!!

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