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Breast Cancer Awareness Month at Twin Peaks

The Second Annual Bratacular Event brought in thousands for breast cancer research!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month across the United States, and Twin Peaks took awareness and fundraising to a whole new level this year when they cranked in $213K to help aid in the fight against breast cancer.
Bratacular BlogThe fundraising this year was done in a very unique way – through the Twin Peaks Annual Bratcaular Event. The Twin Peaks Girls of participating locations spared no expense when creating each of their Bratacular pieces, to be worn and auctioned off in the name of charity. Each girl created her own unique design by hand.

35 Twin Peaks locations from across the United States participated in the 2015 Bratacular Event, beginning September 22 in El Paso, Texas. The events wrapped up for the year on November 6 in Wheeling, Illinois. The most impressive event of the year took place on October 6 in Wichita, Kansas. The auction there raised $21,000 in one night!

Proceeds from the nationwide event were donated to a local charities and foundations in support of breast cancer research. Twin Peaks donated over $210,000 with the help of all the generous donations. It couldn’t have been done without the creative Twin Peaks Girls and supportive bidders who helped to make this event a successful one!

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