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It’s November 14th- National Pickles Day!

The Peaks Sampler features pickles, battered up and fried crispy. Indecision sure has its benefits!

If there is one day a year dedicated to pickles, Twin Peaks is the place to enjoy them!

Enjoy National Pickles Day our way- crispy and fried, and just one of the delicious items featured on the Peaks Sampler. There’s plenty of tastes to choose from and won’t disappoint.
The Peaks Sampler features a heaping portion of fried pickles, chicken tenders tossed in spicy Red Hot buffalo sauce, perfectly-bite-sized Mozzarella Cheese Bites.

You will of course need some sauces for dipping, and we’ll include zesty Ranch, creamy bleu cheese and warm marinara. All made-in-house, of course.

Get up here and get your own Twin Peaks Sampler or share with a friend or two. For once in life- there’s something that can finally make everyone happy!

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