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November 3rd is National Sandwich Day!

We have plenty to choose from on our menu, served up fresh from our made-from-scratch kitchens.

At Twin Peaks, our selective menu features less than 40 items, which is completely on purpose. We take pride in doing a few things REALLY well, including all of our well-built sandwiches. There are plenty of burgers, chicken sandwiches, cheesesteaks and tacos to choose from.
The new comer in the sandwich category is the B.E.L.T., where we’ve taken an old favorite and perfected it our way. Everyone knows the traditional B.L.T. is exactly what it stands for- bacon, lettuce and tomato on a sandwich. We decided to add a fried egg twist, creating the famous B.E.L.T.

There’s thick cut bacon, a fried egg, and spicy pepper jack cheese to start. We added lettuce, tomato, and a cilantro pesto mayo all on freshly baked sour dough bread. The B.E.L.T. comes with a heaping portion of our fire fries.

Who knew a sandwich could be this good?

Find a Twin Peaks and its menu near you here.

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2 Responses to “November 3rd is National Sandwich Day!”

  1. Elizabeth Hernandez

    Visited for the 1st time recently . Very cool place, great food , pretty girls, nice decor etc. good price especially for food from scratch .

  2. Robert Colunga

    Had the best dining experience yesterday, 11/11, at the Lomitas location in Houston. Alicia was the best waitresses of ALL the restaurants I have ever ate at. She made my dinner enjoyable. She’s why I’m going to keep coming back to that location. Plus the food was excellent.

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