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Five great behind-the-scenes YouTube channels

YouTube videos are about branding, and the behind-the-scenes videos from breastaurant Twin Peaks drive its brand home, parks it in the driveway and has bikini-clad women wash it in the hot sun.

The Return of the Pert Knocker

Simon Doonan prefers a perky up-note… He mentions his current fave breastaurant chain name is Twin Peaks Restaurants.

The Ridiculist

Cooper has a fun time diving into a “Battle of the Boobs.”  

Twin Peaks comes to SA

The San Antonio Express-News’ online arm announces Twin Peaks’ entry into the Alamo City market.

‘Breastaurant’ chain Twin Peaks taps Hooters execs for Growth

NRN breaks the news of former Hooters of America President and CEO Coby Brooks’ defection up to the Peaks as a franchisee – and in the attached video, both he and Twin Peaks co-founder Randy DeWitt talk about what they learned from their competition!.