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It’s Pretty Hot and Tempting Tuesday!

It’s a Mardi Party over here at The Peaks!
Come see our girls accessorized with gorgeous masks, face paint, glitter, and most importantly…BEADS! We’re harnessing our inner New Orleans spirit with tons of fun, and we want you to help us pump up the party! Be the King of Mardi Gras and earn your beads!

mardi 2

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This Week, We Are Giving You a Reason to Love Valentine’s!

Va-va-voom! It’s Valentine’s Week!
morgan valentines
Head on up to Twin Peaks to visit the girls you love the most on this sweetly sexy costume party week! The Twin Peaks Girls will be featuring lovely lingerie from February 8th until Valentine’s Day- February 14th. It’s going to be hard to dodge Cupid’s arrows during this week filled with romance in the air! If you need to cool off, try one of our house beers at a teeth-chattering 29*! Pick the Dirty Blonde or the Knotty Brunette- it is up to you! Or if you prefer, turn up the heat with one of our smokin’ hot dishes, like the amped up Pot Roast.

We promise not to break any hearts during this extra special week of love!

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Twin Peaks Fantasy Bowl Super Sunday

What’s a better fantasy than the Biggest Game of the Year with your favorite Twin Peaks Girls rocking some football-inspired Lingerie!?

Hike on over to your favorite Twin Peaks to watch the Denver Broncos go head to head against the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday February 2nd. As you balance on the edge of your bar stool during this highly anticipated game, the Twin Peaks Girls will be making sure you are stocked with icy cold draft beer and supplied with awesome snacks like our Chipotle Queso and Chips and Fried Pickle Basket.
Super Bowl Generic Web Image
Don’t fumble the ball, and make sure to get up here early to snag the best seat in the house!

Check out our Super Stars at:

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Santa’s Little Helpers

We are jingling our silver bells here at Twin Peaks!
Twin Peaks Merch Santa Calendar
During the week of December 19th through December 24th, Christmas Eve, we are working hard as Santa’s Little Helpers! We are bringing in the holiday cheer with red skirts and tops with luxurious white fur trim, and signature Santa hats that would make any Mr. Claus blush.

Santa’s Little Helpers have been hard at work creating new ways to bring joy to all our scenic view scavengers!

Whether you’re on the nice list or the naughty list (but who’s keeping track?) we invite you to join us for a jolly good time with your favorite Little Helpers. Don’t forget to wrap up your holiday shopping by taking advantage of our Man Card deal: purchase a $100 Man Card and receive an extra $20 bonus Man Card! Nothing stuffs your stockings like goodies from Twin Peaks.

Shop online at

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The Real Black Friday

Some things are just worth the wait!
Costume Party Black Friday Good
We can guarantee that the end of the line to see us on November 29th for Black Friday is nothing short of spectacular. We will be dripping in black lace as we celebrate this classic holiday in appropriately styled attire with strictly black lingerie.

Not to mention we also have our own special promotion that we know you’re dying to get your hands on: when you purchase a $100 Man Card (as a gift or for yourself-we’re not telling!) you receive an extra $20 bonus Man Card! Who can resist a two for one? We both know: more is better.

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Halloween Eye Candy

Trick or treat, come and take a seat! Through the week of October 25th through October 31st we will be dressing up every day in celebration of Halloween!
We, the boo-tiful ladies of Twin Peaks, are holding off on the signature buffalo plaid to show you how scary sexy we are. We are dishing out some awesome treats, like homemade Buffalo Trace Bourbon bread pudding, that are sure to make you scream with delight! Our scenic views will haunt you all night long- so try not to get too spooked by our tricks.

Which one of our Twin Peaks lodges will have you on the edge of your bar stool? Come and get your fill of eye candy all week long, we’re sure to be sweet as sugar. Let us know who was dressed to kill by commenting about your favorite creepy or cute costume of the week.

Check out more great Halloween costumes on our Facebook page:

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Twin Peaks Premiers On Undercover Boss

Our CEO and Founder Randy DeWitt went Undercover to Uncover The Realities of Twin Peaks’!
The Twin Peaks’ CEO has gone incognito-disguising himself as an unsuspecting trainee for Twin Peaks! He has learned our tricks of the trade, as we teach him how to bar tend, bar back, prep cook, and serve tables just like our valued veteran staff members. Randy visited a handful of our Twin Peaks Restaurants, settling in at all Texas locations: Round Rock, Frisco, Odessa, and Webster.

As a server in Webster, Randy follows one of our TPGs as he learns the ropes of waiting tables with a Twin Peaks touch. Twin Peaks Girls are known for their hint of sass, but always try to keep up the “girl next door” image with playful personalities. Bartending in Frisco, Randy tests our TPG’s thick skin as she deals with a surprise problem guest in disguise! Customer service is a must-but what do the Twin Peaks Girls do when they’re not receiving the same A+ treatment and respect that they dish out to their guests?
Randy and Chloe UCB
Randy pumps some iron when he follows Kale as a bar back in Round Rock. We all know that the Twin Peaks Girls are in tip top shape, but who would have thought about the buff bar backs!? Randy gets a lesson in heavy lifting as he acts as the brawn behind the girls’ beauty.

Odessa, home of Brenda the prep cook, is where Randy learns the fast paced nature of the kitchen, and what it takes to sustain a delicious made-from-scratch menu. In order to keep serving up farm fresh dishes, Randy learns the importance of hustling behind the kitchen doors.

If you didn’t get a chance to watch the episode, check out clips on! Staying in Undercover Boss fashion, there will be some twists and turns along the way as Randy tests the company’s culture and foundation, learning and observing through the eyes of an employee.

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National Lumberjack Day Bares the Best Rewards

National Lumberjack Day
Calling all Lumberjacks! Leave your saws and axes at home, brush your beards, buckle your boots, and put on your best buffalo plaid to come see your favorite Lumberjills at your local Twin Peaks. We are celebrating everything rustic with a free Twin Cheeseburger when you come see us while sporting your best Lumberjack look. If in need of some fresh great quality gear visit your local Twin Peaks Restaurant to complete your Lumberjack style or visit our online shop, click here! So stop feeling squirrelly- and hike on over to the Peaks.

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Taking Flight in the National Redbull Flugtag Competition

Twin Peaks is taking our scenic views and mountain theme to the air!
It’s a bird… It’s a plane… It’s a flying Lumberjill! Our Twin Peaks Lumberjill pilot will be taking the flight across Lake Carolyn in Las Colinas September 21st for the DFW Red Bull Flugtag event. This event is organized by Red Bull in which competitors like ourselves fly home-made, size and weight-limited, human-powered flying machines launched off a pier into a body of water. We wanted to put our best floatation devices forward, so we finally entered this amazing and fun competition!
Flugtag Social Media

Where: Lake Carolyn
When: September 21, 2013
Hangars open at 11 am. First flight at 1 pm.

Team Twin Peaks members:
Pilot: Regal (center)
Twin Peaks Girl Teammates: Julia (left) and Andrea (right)
Team Captains: Nick and Kyle

They have been working hard crafting our winning machine, a wooden log with an ax that perfectly depicts our take on our Flugtag competition complete with wings made from branches and leaves! Team Twin Peaks knows we will be center of attention this year at the Red Bull event, especially when we get to win against a bunch of guys in front of thousands of future fans. Make sure come out and watch our mountaineer flying machine take off.

For more information check out: InstagramTwitterFacebookRed Bull Site

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Big Texas Welcome to Twin Peaks San Angelo

We’re continuing the move-over to wild wild West Texas!
San Angelo Blog
We are so excited to announce that Twin Peaks is making its debut in San Angelo, Texas, our second location in the West Texas region! Located appropriately next to San Angelo State’s sporting fields at 1601 Knickerbocker Road, we are opening just in time for Texas’ signature sport season: football! We can’t wait for you to watch the game while enjoying our brand new patio space. Tell us what’s hotter: the huge outdoor fire pit or over 100 new Twin Peaks Girls?! Kick off starts now! Catch a glimpse on Facebook!

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