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Roxy: Behind the Scenes at the Twin Peaks 2012 Calendar Shoot

Sometimes, when it comes to the undeniable allure of the Twin Peaks Girls, less is more. (But not too much less, right, guys?).

Seriously: day in and day out, many of the Girls gladden our guests with huge helpings of vivaciousness, playfulness, and charm. But some provide the same high level of service with a more understated approach because, well, they have a something. Pizazz. Magnetism. Glamour.

Meet Roxy, one of the Twin Peaks 2012 Calendar Girls and a prime example of a “Glamour Girl” at our flagship location, Twin Peaks Addison! This video footage of her safari-themed Calendar shoot shows it all: the way she talks, moves, and interacts is relaxed and cool, but she still manages to compel you! (Plus, you get a peek at her skills as a salsa dancer, which is her big hobby!).

We think going on safari with Roxy would guarantee a shot at some wild game, don’t you?

[video type="youtube" id="u_A95mndTAk" width="655"]

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Rachael: Behind the Scenes at the Twin Peaks 2012 Calendar Shoot

If you watched Twin Peaks’ very first 2012 Calendar teaser video – we call it the “Peeping Tom” video for good reason! – we’re fairly sure you came away feeling a little bad. But what if the tables were turned and one of our Twin Peaks Calendar Girls was trying to spy on you?

Meet Rachael from our flagship Addison location (but now serving our awesome Sooner regulars at Twin Peaks Oklahoma City!) – the “peeping Twin Peaks Girl!” For her photo shoot, Miss July hiked deep into the woods, brandishing a stout pair of binoculars because she loves to look at birds in the wild. But Rachael loves catching a glimpse of anything, really – especially if it’s something you don’t see every day in nature!

As her title of Miss Congeniality at the 2011 Miss Twin Peaks Bikini Contest suggests, Rachael’s one of the most popular Girls in our realm. Sneak a peek at her in this footage … and wonder if she’s sneaked a Peak or two at you when you’ve been up at Twin Peaks!

[video type="youtube" id="7hTs1xJH8xE" width="655"]

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