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Rachael: Behind the Scenes at the Twin Peaks 2012 Calendar Shoot

If you watched Twin Peaks’ very first 2012 Calendar teaser video – we call it the “Peeping Tom” video for good reason! – we’re fairly sure you came away feeling a little bad. But what if the tables were turned and one of our Twin Peaks Calendar Girls was trying to spy on you?

Meet Rachael from our flagship Addison location (but now serving our awesome Sooner regulars at Twin Peaks Oklahoma City!) – the “peeping Twin Peaks Girl!” For her photo shoot, Miss July hiked deep into the woods, brandishing a stout pair of binoculars because she loves to look at birds in the wild. But Rachael loves catching a glimpse of anything, really – especially if it’s something you don’t see every day in nature!

As her title of Miss Congeniality at the 2011 Miss Twin Peaks Bikini Contest suggests, Rachael’s one of the most popular Girls in our realm. Sneak a peek at her in this footage … and wonder if she’s sneaked a Peak or two at you when you’ve been up at Twin Peaks!

[video type="youtube" id="7hTs1xJH8xE" width="655"]

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Adriana: Behind the Scenes at the Twin Peaks 2012 Calendar Shoot

The photo shoots for the Twin Peaks 2012 Calendar were held in the early summer in the Texas Hill Country, so some of the sessions ended up becoming quite hot.

So you could say that Adriana from the Twin Peaks location in Webster, Texas – just down the road from the Johnson Space Center near Houston – got lucky. She had the opportunity to cool off under a cold shower for one of her shoots!

Judging from this video, though, it doesn’t appear that the freezing water did much good to decrease the heat. ;D

Peaksters, meet Miss May 2012 in the Twin Peaks 2012 Calendar! Adriana is definitely a trooper (and a favorite of regulars at Twin Peaks Webster, known for her friendliness and positive attitude)!

[video type="youtube" id="hQ9R50mWQE8" width="655"]

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Jaimie: Behind the Scenes at the Twin Peaks 2012 Calendar Shoot

While on the shores of Lake Buchanan in the Texas Hill Country, the Twin Peaks 2012 Calendar Girls played with all sorts of toys – some powered, some not. ;D

Miss April 2012, Jaimie from Twin Peaks Albuquerque, showed off her talent with both at the same time as she wake boarded to victory during an impromptu competition with some other Calendar Girls.

She also donned a fishing vest and tackle while at the shoot (and not much else. Hey, it was hot during the shoot!). Watch and see how comfortable she felt handling lures, hooks, and rods!

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Game, on!: Twin Peaks now open & on the hunt for Twin Peaks Girls in San Antonio!

Twin Peaks Restaurants finally made its move on South Texas.

The rapidly growing, award-winning ultimate adventure lodge’s 16th location opened in northwest San Antonio on Oct. 4.

The new restaurant, located at Interstate 10 West and De Zavala Road in a converted T.G.I. Friday’s, is now delivering what San Antonio has dreamed of in a sports-focused establishment for as long as locals have admired the dedication of William Travis and Gregg Popovich: crave-able and high quality comfort food, a great selection of 29-degree draft beer, seasonal sports programming that local fans demand, a bold and comfortable hunting lodge atmosphere, and the restaurant’s most visible assets: the friendly and beautiful Twin Peaks Girls.

Auditions are still underway for the location’s Girls, who will enjoy flexible scheduling, great tips, and second-to-none support in a fun and positive work environment, as well as opportunities to help expose the maturing Twin Peaks brand. If you think you can work it as a Twin Peaks Girl, stop by the location ‘dressed to impress’!

“Twin Peaks De Zavala is here! We’re finally bringing San Antonio our great food, really cold beer, and lively sporting atmosphere,” said Twin Peaks CEO Randy DeWitt. “It took us a while to find the right site to ensure success in Texas’ second largest city, which is also a phenomenal sports town that deserves a truly awesome sports bar like Twin Peaks. In fact, the River City can expect to see more of them.”

Twin Peaks De Zavala is located at 12790 Interstate 10 West in San Antonio. Hours are Sunday-Friday from 11 a.m. to midnight and Friday-Saturday from 11 a.m. to 1 a.m. For more information, call 210-236-5437 or visit its Facebook Page at

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Twin Peaks in the Lone Star state support the Texas Rangers’ playoff run

Win or lose, the Twin Peaks Girls always get behind their home team. But when that team’s really winning, they like to play dress-up even more!

So during the Major League Baseball playoff games of the American League West Champion Texas Rangers, the Girls at locations in the Lone Star State are showing off their team pride by wearing modified Rangers tops during games that reflect the spirit of the ultimate adventure lodge’s playful and comfortable dress standards. Seriously: who wouldn’t want to claw at these fine utility players? As several regulars have already noted on Twin Peaks’ Facebook Page, the ‘X’ in Texas has never looked so good!

Also, as part of this month’s “Save Second Base!” initiative at Twin Peaks, many of the Girls (including this spirited trio of Girls from Twin Peaks Plano) are incorporating pink accessories into their look to promote Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The program also includes the sale of a limited-edition “Save Second Base!” T-shirt, only available at Twin Peaks locations, that is helping both raise money for Susan G. Komen for the Cure as well as to fund the Twin Peaks Girls’ participation in local Komen Race for the Cure events!

As Rangers Manager Ron Washington might say, “That’s the way Twin Peaks go.” Antlers up, Rangers fans — all the way to the World Series!

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The Original Twin Peaks Finally Snips Its Ribbon

Twin Peaks Lewisville chamber of commerce Ribbon Cutting
When co-founders Randy DeWitt and Scott Gordon opened the very first Twin Peaks in 2005 near Vista Ridge Mall in Lewisville, Texas, they knew the concept was something special. Today, Lewisville’s business community acknowledged how right they were.

Nearly a dozen representatives from the Lewisville Area Chamber of Commerce, including President Matt McCormick, presided over a ribbon-cutting ceremony commemorating Twin Peaks Lewisville‘s membership in the chamber. The event comes more than six years after the start of the business, which has since expanded to 15 other locations in five states.

“I helped two friends open this place,” said ribbon cutter and Lewisville General Manager John St. Germain, who was Twin Peaks’ first employee, “and in the beginning, we didn’t think we’d be open three weeks. But here we are, six years later, with an amazing restaurant that’s now exploding across the country.”

“We’re very excited to have Twin Peaks on board at the Chamber,” said McCormick. “They’re a fantastic part of the community, and they’ve become an integral part of the Lewisville business scene.

“Congrats to them for expanding so quickly and smartly from the original here, too. Twin Peaks is one of those businesses that runs by a model that you wish everyone would adopt.”

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Twin Peaks Co-Founder & CEO Says ‘Thanks, But No Thanks To Hooters Trade Secrets’

Twin Peaks fans already know how innovative, crave-able, and high-caliber our ultimate adventure lodges are. We’ve created a concept that’s built to last and evolve – not one that stays stuck in time. (Who wants that, anyway?)

Below, Twin Peaks co-founder and CEO Randy DeWitt responds to a federal lawsuit filed last week by Hooters of America against La Cima Restaurants, our newest franchisee. The lawsuit claims that former Hooters executive Joe Hummel, now a part of La Cima, took information that would provide Twin Peaks with trade secrets that would give us “significant competitive advantages.”

“None of Hooters’ trade secrets have ever been offered to Twin Peaks,” DeWitt asserts, “and we would not want them anyway.”

La Cima Hummel Hooters LawsuitStatement by Twin Peaks co-founder and CEO Randy DeWitt:

“I apologize for the delay in responding to the many media inquiries requesting comment on the lawsuit of Hooters of America vs. La Cima Restaurants, our new franchisee, but the Twin Peaks management team has been focused on supporting the openings of six new Twin Peaks restaurants in San Antonio, Odessa, Baton Rouge, Houston, Scottsdale and Denver.

“La Cima is the Twin Peaks franchisee that will be opening restaurants in the Southeastern U.S. Although Twin Peaks, the franchisor, is not a party to the lawsuit, I felt it necessary to issue the following comments due to the many media requests I have received.

“We think the lawsuit is frivolous and baseless. No one ever offered Twin Peaks any of Hooters trade secrets and it’s ludicrous we would ever want them anyway. To think we would benefit from using their trade secrets seems preposterous to me.

“At Twin Peaks, we have developed our own unique brand strategy, with systems and procedures that are unique to Twin Peaks. All of our franchisees, including La Cima, are required to use our systems and not use the strategy and systems from their previous company.

“We found Joe Hummel and the entire La Cima team to be highly ethical, experienced and capable restaurant executives. We wanted them as franchisees for those reasons. It made no difference to us what brand they were associated with previously.

“Finally, some reports have left the impression that Joe Hummel was involved in the development of Twin Peaks. Scott Gordon and I founded Twin Peaks in 2005. Joe was not a founder. Scott and I have never worked for Hooters and only went there a few times as customers. We did not think the food was very good and the brand was stuck in the 1980’s, but not in a cool retro way. The fact that they employ an attractive all-female service staff is hardly a secret.

“The bottom line is that any significant competitive advantages La Cima enjoys will come from Twin Peaks, not from the company they left.”

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