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Make a Date With the Twin Peaks 2012 Calendar Girls on Oct. 22!

It’s hardly surprising that many covet the friendly, confident, beautiful, and classy Twin Peaks Girls. Some dream of being them and some want to date them, but most simply want them in their life every day. On Oct. 22, all of that and more will be possible.

That’s when anyone can get their hands on the Twin Peaks 2012 Calendar, which is stuffed with images of more than two dozen model Twin Peaks Girls frolicking at a private Texas Hill Country resort. To celebrate its release, Twin Peaks is throwing a free launch party that evening at the ultimate adventure lodge’s original location in Lewisville, Texas, at 6pm.

During the party, many of the Calendar Girls will be on hand to meet fans and sign copies of the $19.95 Calendar, which is also filled with nearly $200 in Twin Peaks food offers. Other party favors include a silent auction of signed poster-size images of the featured Girls (including the cover shot of Miss Twin Peaks 2011, Brittany Wilkerson of Twin Peaks Frisco) to benefit Susan G Komen for the Cure, and a raffle to win a centerpiece of Twin Peaks Lewisville’s bold hunting lodge décor: its ceiling-mounted canoe. The winner can pluck it from the rafters and take it home that night!

“We’re all immensely proud of how the Twin Peaks 2012 Calendar turned out,” said Twin Peaks co-founder and CEO Randy DeWitt. “It’s warm, playful, attractive, and tasteful – all traits that are epitomized by the Calendar Girls themselves.”

The Twin Peaks 2012 Calendar Girls pulled long, hard, hours on Lake Buchanan playing in canoes, sleeping bags, pickup football games, fire trucks, and more. And this year, a Dallas video crew joined 2012 Calendar photographer Greg Woodson to document the Girls’ adventures. Clips of the high jinks at “Camp Run Amok” are already up on Twin Peaks’ YouTube Channel (, and more are coming!

The Twin Peaks 2012 Calendar Launch Party is Oct. 22 at 6 p.m. at Twin Peaks Lewisville, 2601 S. Stemmons Freeway in Lewisville, Texas. Admission is free. For more information, call 214-488-7222 or visit

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Adriana: Behind the Scenes at the Twin Peaks 2012 Calendar Shoot

The photo shoots for the Twin Peaks 2012 Calendar were held in the early summer in the Texas Hill Country, so some of the sessions ended up becoming quite hot.

So you could say that Adriana from the Twin Peaks location in Webster, Texas – just down the road from the Johnson Space Center near Houston – got lucky. She had the opportunity to cool off under a cold shower for one of her shoots!

Judging from this video, though, it doesn’t appear that the freezing water did much good to decrease the heat. ;D

Peaksters, meet Miss May 2012 in the Twin Peaks 2012 Calendar! Adriana is definitely a trooper (and a favorite of regulars at Twin Peaks Webster, known for her friendliness and positive attitude)!

[video type="youtube" id="hQ9R50mWQE8" width="655"]

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Jaimie: Behind the Scenes at the Twin Peaks 2012 Calendar Shoot

While on the shores of Lake Buchanan in the Texas Hill Country, the Twin Peaks 2012 Calendar Girls played with all sorts of toys – some powered, some not. ;D

Miss April 2012, Jaimie from Twin Peaks Albuquerque, showed off her talent with both at the same time as she wake boarded to victory during an impromptu competition with some other Calendar Girls.

She also donned a fishing vest and tackle while at the shoot (and not much else. Hey, it was hot during the shoot!). Watch and see how comfortable she felt handling lures, hooks, and rods!

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