Our Survey Of The Landscape Around Twin Peaks

If it roams our domain, it'll be up here!

The Twin Peaks Girls are going wild for Halloween week!

C’mon, guys: you knew that the Twin Peaks Girls were going to do themselves up all-out during the Halloween Costume Party! After all, they get to choose the costume for this eight-day come-as-you-aren’t event, and when you’re as playful and confident as the Girls are, some of the outfits will be wild!

In just the first three days, we’ve seen these comely creatures around:

- A princess waving her wand in an attempt to make a bad, bad schoolgirl do good (above left, from Twin Peaks Tulsa)
- Two of Rambo’s daughters in full camo warrior garb and doing battle in the wilds outside Twin Peaks Round Rock (above center)
- A colorful, cheerful clown at Twin Peaks Webster who couldn’t possibly induce nightmares about clowns. Just dreams here, guys! (above right – nice whoopee cushion placement!)
- An angel with the kind of aura that makes a pair of devilish sidekicks at Twin Peaks Frisco very envious (left)

In this picture alone (right) we’ve got a nurse, another angel, a bumblebee, a couple of felines, and a trio of cowgirls! We’ve also seen baseball players (hey, it is World Series time!), sailors, umpires, and police officers in decidedly unofficial uniforms.

There’s even a few foxes wandering around most Twin Peaks locations through Halloween. (Well, OK: foxes always roam our ultimate adventure lodges. What can we say? We attract them!).

The only question now is: what outfits are the Girls saving for Halloween weekend? Get up to Twin Peaks and find out – come go haunting with us!

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Twin Peaks Tulsa cleans up for one of its Girls

At Twin Peaks, our Girls are family. So when one is in need, we do everything we can to perk her up.

Kalyn, a Twin Peaks Girl in Tulsa, Okla., left that job and her home town last fall to attend Florida State University. But after her father was diagnosed with a terminal case of malignant melanoma earlier this year, she moved back to Tulsa to help support her family and returned to her position as a Twin Peaks Girl.

On June 5, Twin Peaks Tulsa rallied to support Kalyn with one of its signature events: the Twin Peaks Car Wash. Nearly 20 bikini-clad Twin Peaks Girls (including Kalyn herself) cleaned more than 100 vehicles to raise more than $5,000 for her family – including a $1,200 donation by an anonymous Twin Peaks regular that was matched by the rapidly growing ultimate adventure lodge.

“I was completely speechless when I found out the incredible amount of money we raised,” Kalyn said. “I want to thank those who came out and donated; I just cannot thank you enough. And I also want to thank all of the beautiful Twin Peaks Girls that worked so hard all day. You all brought me to tears … Miracles really do happen.”

Donations, which benefit Kalyn’s family and not any fund or organization, are still being accepted. Contact Twin Peaks Tulsa at 918-250-0700 or for more information.

(Photos courtesy of J.R. Cross Photography)

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