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Roxy: Behind the Scenes at the Twin Peaks 2012 Calendar Shoot

Sometimes, when it comes to the undeniable allure of the Twin Peaks Girls, less is more. (But not too much less, right, guys?).

Seriously: day in and day out, many of the Girls gladden our guests with huge helpings of vivaciousness, playfulness, and charm. But some provide the same high level of service with a more understated approach because, well, they have a something. Pizazz. Magnetism. Glamour.

Meet Roxy, one of the Twin Peaks 2012 Calendar Girls and a prime example of a “Glamour Girl” at our flagship location, Twin Peaks Addison! This video footage of her safari-themed Calendar shoot shows it all: the way she talks, moves, and interacts is relaxed and cool, but she still manages to compel you! (Plus, you get a peek at her skills as a salsa dancer, which is her big hobby!).

We think going on safari with Roxy would guarantee a shot at some wild game, don’t you?

[video type="youtube" id="u_A95mndTAk" width="655"]

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The Twin Peaks Girls are going wild for Halloween week!

C’mon, guys: you knew that the Twin Peaks Girls were going to do themselves up all-out during the Halloween Costume Party! After all, they get to choose the costume for this eight-day come-as-you-aren’t event, and when you’re as playful and confident as the Girls are, some of the outfits will be wild!

In just the first three days, we’ve seen these comely creatures around:

- A princess waving her wand in an attempt to make a bad, bad schoolgirl do good (above left, from Twin Peaks Tulsa)
- Two of Rambo’s daughters in full camo warrior garb and doing battle in the wilds outside Twin Peaks Round Rock (above center)
- A colorful, cheerful clown at Twin Peaks Webster who couldn’t possibly induce nightmares about clowns. Just dreams here, guys! (above right – nice whoopee cushion placement!)
- An angel with the kind of aura that makes a pair of devilish sidekicks at Twin Peaks Frisco very envious (left)

In this picture alone (right) we’ve got a nurse, another angel, a bumblebee, a couple of felines, and a trio of cowgirls! We’ve also seen baseball players (hey, it is World Series time!), sailors, umpires, and police officers in decidedly unofficial uniforms.

There’s even a few foxes wandering around most Twin Peaks locations through Halloween. (Well, OK: foxes always roam our ultimate adventure lodges. What can we say? We attract them!).

The only question now is: what outfits are the Girls saving for Halloween weekend? Get up to Twin Peaks and find out – come go haunting with us!

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The Twin Peaks 2012 Calendar is here!

Want a hot date with a model Twin Peaks Girl? No problem: the Twin Peaks 2012 Calendar makes it possible, and it’s now available at any Twin Peaks location or online here!

Camp Run Amok, Twin Peaks Restaurants’ annual showcase of the ultimate sporting lodge’s most visible assets, was officially released at an Oct. 22 Launch Party at the original location in Lewisville, Texas. Dressed to impress in cocktail dresses and given the red carpet treatment at the six-year-old restaurant, the 2012 Calendar Girls cheerfully signed copies and greeted dozens of fans during the event, which coincided with a record-setting World Series Game 3 that proved nearly as mesmerizing to guests as the evening’s honorees.

During the event, each Calendar Girl also had framed and signed poster-sized prints of their Calendar photo up for silent auction, and raffles and giveaways were held for NASCAR pit passes, Dallas Cowboys tickets, and a centerpiece of Twin Peaks’ hunting lodge decor: the original Twin Peaks canoe, which the winner took home straight from Twin Peaks Lewisville’s rafters! Proceeds from the event were donated to Susan G Komen for the Cure as part of Twin Peaks’ “Save Second Base!” Breast Cancer Awareness Month campaign.

Not only is the Twin Peaks 2012 Calendar stuffed with gorgeous images of more than two dozen Twin Peaks Girls at a private Texas Hill Country resort, but beneath that prime dating material lays nearly $200 in food offers that can pay for the $19.95 calendar many times over!

See behind-the scenes footage of the 2012 Calendar shoot at Twin Peaks’ YouTube Channel here, and visit Twin Peaks Restaurants on Facebook here for more peeks at Camp Run Amok!

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Rachael: Behind the Scenes at the Twin Peaks 2012 Calendar Shoot

If you watched Twin Peaks’ very first 2012 Calendar teaser video – we call it the “Peeping Tom” video for good reason! – we’re fairly sure you came away feeling a little bad. But what if the tables were turned and one of our Twin Peaks Calendar Girls was trying to spy on you?

Meet Rachael from our flagship Addison location (but now serving our awesome Sooner regulars at Twin Peaks Oklahoma City!) – the “peeping Twin Peaks Girl!” For her photo shoot, Miss July hiked deep into the woods, brandishing a stout pair of binoculars because she loves to look at birds in the wild. But Rachael loves catching a glimpse of anything, really – especially if it’s something you don’t see every day in nature!

As her title of Miss Congeniality at the 2011 Miss Twin Peaks Bikini Contest suggests, Rachael’s one of the most popular Girls in our realm. Sneak a peek at her in this footage … and wonder if she’s sneaked a Peak or two at you when you’ve been up at Twin Peaks!

[video type="youtube" id="7hTs1xJH8xE" width="655"]

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Make a Date With the Twin Peaks 2012 Calendar Girls on Oct. 22!

It’s hardly surprising that many covet the friendly, confident, beautiful, and classy Twin Peaks Girls. Some dream of being them and some want to date them, but most simply want them in their life every day. On Oct. 22, all of that and more will be possible.

That’s when anyone can get their hands on the Twin Peaks 2012 Calendar, which is stuffed with images of more than two dozen model Twin Peaks Girls frolicking at a private Texas Hill Country resort. To celebrate its release, Twin Peaks is throwing a free launch party that evening at the ultimate adventure lodge’s original location in Lewisville, Texas, at 6pm.

During the party, many of the Calendar Girls will be on hand to meet fans and sign copies of the $19.95 Calendar, which is also filled with nearly $200 in Twin Peaks food offers. Other party favors include a silent auction of signed poster-size images of the featured Girls (including the cover shot of Miss Twin Peaks 2011, Brittany Wilkerson of Twin Peaks Frisco) to benefit Susan G Komen for the Cure, and a raffle to win a centerpiece of Twin Peaks Lewisville’s bold hunting lodge décor: its ceiling-mounted canoe. The winner can pluck it from the rafters and take it home that night!

“We’re all immensely proud of how the Twin Peaks 2012 Calendar turned out,” said Twin Peaks co-founder and CEO Randy DeWitt. “It’s warm, playful, attractive, and tasteful – all traits that are epitomized by the Calendar Girls themselves.”

The Twin Peaks 2012 Calendar Girls pulled long, hard, hours on Lake Buchanan playing in canoes, sleeping bags, pickup football games, fire trucks, and more. And this year, a Dallas video crew joined 2012 Calendar photographer Greg Woodson to document the Girls’ adventures. Clips of the high jinks at “Camp Run Amok” are already up on Twin Peaks’ YouTube Channel (, and more are coming!

The Twin Peaks 2012 Calendar Launch Party is Oct. 22 at 6 p.m. at Twin Peaks Lewisville, 2601 S. Stemmons Freeway in Lewisville, Texas. Admission is free. For more information, call 214-488-7222 or visit

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The Original Twin Peaks Finally Snips Its Ribbon

Twin Peaks Lewisville chamber of commerce Ribbon Cutting
When co-founders Randy DeWitt and Scott Gordon opened the very first Twin Peaks in 2005 near Vista Ridge Mall in Lewisville, Texas, they knew the concept was something special. Today, Lewisville’s business community acknowledged how right they were.

Nearly a dozen representatives from the Lewisville Area Chamber of Commerce, including President Matt McCormick, presided over a ribbon-cutting ceremony commemorating Twin Peaks Lewisville‘s membership in the chamber. The event comes more than six years after the start of the business, which has since expanded to 15 other locations in five states.

“I helped two friends open this place,” said ribbon cutter and Lewisville General Manager John St. Germain, who was Twin Peaks’ first employee, “and in the beginning, we didn’t think we’d be open three weeks. But here we are, six years later, with an amazing restaurant that’s now exploding across the country.”

“We’re very excited to have Twin Peaks on board at the Chamber,” said McCormick. “They’re a fantastic part of the community, and they’ve become an integral part of the Lewisville business scene.

“Congrats to them for expanding so quickly and smartly from the original here, too. Twin Peaks is one of those businesses that runs by a model that you wish everyone would adopt.”

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Twin Peaks takes its pick of the liquor

Up on the Peaks, our guests thirst for much more than our ice-cold draft beer.  Some prefer top-shelf bourbon – so we’ve reserved some of America’s best whiskey for them.

In April, Twin Peaks representatives hand-selected a barrel of Buffalo Trace bourbon whiskey to be bottled exclusively for the ultimate adventure lodge. The yield of about 120 bottles of 90-proof Kentucky straight has arrived at each of Twin Peaks’ 10 Texas locations.

The selection is part of an ongoing leveling up of Twin Peaks’ substantial bar program, including its bourbon whiskey and cocktail selection.

“If our customers crave great whiskey at Twin Peaks, we should supply it – but why not go the extra mile to provide a great whiskey that no one else has?,” said Twin Peaks CEO Randy DeWitt. “For that, Buffalo Trace was the obvious choice. It’s a manly, assured whiskey with all sorts of layers, just like many of our customers.”

Twin Peaks actually went an extra 770 miles to the Buffalo Trace Distillery in Frankfort, Ky., to choose its barrel. After touring the historic and picturesque facility – operational as a distillery for 224 years – representatives tasted samples that were taken directly from four barrels. Noting taste, aroma, color, and finish characteristics, they selected one for the restaurant’s exclusive use.

Called “one of the world’s great whiskies” by Whiskey Magazine and rated a sky-high 93 by Wine Enthusiast magazine, Buffalo Trace is the historic distillery’s signature product. The nine-year, single-barrel, rye-recipe bourbon whiskey is bottled, corked, and finished by hand.

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Miss Twin Peaks 2011 has been crowned!

Brittany Wilkerson of Twin Peaks Frisco was crowned Miss Twin Peaks 2011 at this year’s Miss Twin Peaks Bikini Contest on Sunday evening at the ultimate adventure lodge’s flagship location in Addison, Texas.

Four-foot-eleven Wilkerson – affectionately known as “Lil’ Brit” at the Frisco restaurant – edged out Monica McClain (Miss Twin Peaks Austin) and Vanessa Wrigley (Miss Twin Peaks Lewisville) for the title. Miss Twin Peaks 2010, Stephanie Ho of Twin Peaks Round Rock, presented Wilkerson with a tiara and two dozen roses for the win. The two-time Twin Peaks Calendar Girl and model for the restaurant’s uniquely designed mouse pad also earned $1,000 and a feature page in the upcoming Twin Peaks 2012 Calendar.

“I am so, so proud to be named Miss Twin Peaks 2011,” Wilkerson said. “The Miss Twin Peaks Bikini Contest – heck, the entire Bikini Season at Twin Peaks – is incredibly fun to be a part of. Taking the title is a bonus! I love being a Twin Peaks Girl, and it feels awesome to know that so many Twin Peaks fans could see that in me during the contest.”

As Miss Twin Peaks 2011, Wilkerson exemplifies the “girl next door” archetype – confident, beautiful, friendly, warm, and comfortable anywhere, in anything. To determine Miss Twin Peaks, 14 of the restaurants staged their own Bikini Contests full of smiling Girls during the past month. The top two at each event competed at Sunday’s packed, indoor-outdoor Miss Twin Peaks Bikini Contest, which was judged by a mix of company representatives and Dallas-area personalities such as Jay Betsill of The Fort Worth Star-Telegram’s and Donovan Lewis of “The Ticket” KTCK-AM (1310).

“Twin Peaks Bikini Season is really a celebration more than a competition,” said co-founder and CEO Randy DeWitt. “It’s a showcase of our beautiful Twin Peaks Girls, who work really hard to look great. Without them, we wouldn’t be having so much success.”

Rachael McCoy (Miss Twin Peaks Addison) took home the Miss Congeniality Award. Other finalists included Cat Wiesenhaus and Jaimie Romero of Twin Peaks Albuquerque, Melissa Trentacosta of Twin Peaks Addison, C.J. Sturdevant and April Schlect of Twin Peaks Plano, and Michelle Edgerly of Twin Peaks Webster.

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Miss Twin Peaks 2011 To Be Crowned on July 24

Twin Peaks Girls exemplify the “girl next door” – confident, beautiful, friendly, warm, and comfortable anywhere, in anything. So which Twin Peaks Girl deserves to be named Miss Twin Peaks 2011?

Find out on July 24 as Twin Peaks concludes Bikini Contest Season with the grand finale: the 2011 Miss Twin Peaks Bikini Contest! During the three-hour event at the rapidly growing ultimate adventure lodge’s flagship restaurant in Addison, more than two dozen of our most prized assets will wow judges and guests in pursuit of the coveted title.

This year, an air-conditioned tent with VIP seating and a pulsating soundtrack will contain the high-energy crowd, allowing them incredible 360-degree views as the finalists strut around in their hottest swimwear.

“Twin Peaks Bikini Season is really a celebration more than a competition,” said CEO Randy DeWitt. “It’s a showcase of our beautiful Twin Peaks Girls, who work really hard to look great. Without them, we wouldn’t be having so much success.”

To determine the contestants, 14 Twin Peaks locations are now staging their own events full of smiling Twin Peaks Girls. The top two at each restaurant’s contest will earn a spot in the Miss Twin Peaks Bikini Contest, where the winner will earn $1,000 and a feature page in the Twin Peaks 2012 Calendar.

Judges will include a mix of company representatives and Dallas-area personalities, who will rate the Girls’ poise, personality, and appearance as well as crowd appeal and answers to pre-selected questions.

The Miss Twin Peaks Bikini Contest is July 24 at 8 p.m. at Twin Peaks Addison, 5260 Belt Line Road in Addison. Admission is $10, which includes equivalent credit toward a future Twin Peaks adventure. For more information and tickets, call 972-503-7325 or email

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Twin Peaks makes Restaurant Business’ ‘Future 50′ list

Twin Peaks is making it even harder for the restaurant industry to take their eyes off of our assets.

This week, Restaurant Business magazine named Twin Peaks to “The Future 50” — an independently tabulated list of the 50 fastest growing concepts with sales of $25 million to $50 million. Making the list at No. 41 in the magazine’s July 2011 issue, Twin Peaks’ crave-able food made from scratch, ice-cold draft beer, comfortable mountain lodge setting, and friendly and beautiful Twin Peaks Girls is getting noticed by just about everyone.

“With a ski lodge theme and its ‘Twin Peaks Girls’ servers, Twin Peaks quickly expanded from its original location,” the magazine states. “Twin Peaks dubs itself the ‘ultimate man cave,’ boasting that its beers are served at a frosty 29 degrees, its TVs are always tuned to the big game, portions are generous, and the servers are ever-attentive.”

Also named a “2010 Hot Concept!” by Nation’s Restaurant News, the rapidly expanding ultimate adventure lodge now has 15 restaurants in Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, New Mexico, and Kansas. Twin Peaks expects to open at least five new restaurants in 2011 and at least 10 more in 2012.

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