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Twin Peaks Mesquite’s Nicole charms Esquire magazine

The gentlemen at Esquire magazine think so highly of the scenery up at Twin Peaks Restaurants, they just had to talk to one of our Twin Peaks Girls for a feature.

We certainly can’t blame those New York City slickers for being enthralled by our Girls’ charm, attentiveness, and assets! So we set Esquire staffer Mark Mikin up on a quick phone date with Nicole, a Girl from our Mesquite location who took a break from shooting the Twin Peaks 2012 Calendar to speak with him. Among the fun nuggets she shared with in the ensuing article on the men’s magazine’s “Eat Like a Man” blog:

ESQ: Are you a big plaid wearer outside of work, or is that work-only attire?
Nicole: Actually, yes. But not red flannel. I’ll wear blue flannel. Just not red. [Laughs.]

ESQ: What do you hope to get into when your tenure is over?
Nicole: I’m about to start going to med school. I want to be a sonographer.
ESQ: Why that, in particular?
Nicole: Well, my dad works in a children’s hospital. So I’ve always been around it. I just love babies, and I love when I watch TV and I see a show, and they figure out what the sex is of the baby. It’s just a really exciting, good thing to be a part of.

ESQ: I don’t remember the last time someone asked me to hold a chainsaw for work.
Nicole: Yeah that was a first!

Wonder why she was holding a chainsaw? Well, Nicole does work at an ultimate adventure lodge … find out why and read the rest of the article here!

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