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The Original Twin Peaks Finally Snips Its Ribbon

Twin Peaks Lewisville chamber of commerce Ribbon Cutting
When co-founders Randy DeWitt and Scott Gordon opened the very first Twin Peaks in 2005 near Vista Ridge Mall in Lewisville, Texas, they knew the concept was something special. Today, Lewisville’s business community acknowledged how right they were.

Nearly a dozen representatives from the Lewisville Area Chamber of Commerce, including President Matt McCormick, presided over a ribbon-cutting ceremony commemorating Twin Peaks Lewisville‘s membership in the chamber. The event comes more than six years after the start of the business, which has since expanded to 15 other locations in five states.

“I helped two friends open this place,” said ribbon cutter and Lewisville General Manager John St. Germain, who was Twin Peaks’ first employee, “and in the beginning, we didn’t think we’d be open three weeks. But here we are, six years later, with an amazing restaurant that’s now exploding across the country.”

“We’re very excited to have Twin Peaks on board at the Chamber,” said McCormick. “They’re a fantastic part of the community, and they’ve become an integral part of the Lewisville business scene.

“Congrats to them for expanding so quickly and smartly from the original here, too. Twin Peaks is one of those businesses that runs by a model that you wish everyone would adopt.”

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Twin Peaks Co-Founder & CEO Says ‘Thanks, But No Thanks To Hooters Trade Secrets’

Twin Peaks fans already know how innovative, crave-able, and high-caliber our ultimate adventure lodges are. We’ve created a concept that’s built to last and evolve – not one that stays stuck in time. (Who wants that, anyway?)

Below, Twin Peaks co-founder and CEO Randy DeWitt responds to a federal lawsuit filed last week by Hooters of America against La Cima Restaurants, our newest franchisee. The lawsuit claims that former Hooters executive Joe Hummel, now a part of La Cima, took information that would provide Twin Peaks with trade secrets that would give us “significant competitive advantages.”

“None of Hooters’ trade secrets have ever been offered to Twin Peaks,” DeWitt asserts, “and we would not want them anyway.”

La Cima Hummel Hooters LawsuitStatement by Twin Peaks co-founder and CEO Randy DeWitt:

“I apologize for the delay in responding to the many media inquiries requesting comment on the lawsuit of Hooters of America vs. La Cima Restaurants, our new franchisee, but the Twin Peaks management team has been focused on supporting the openings of six new Twin Peaks restaurants in San Antonio, Odessa, Baton Rouge, Houston, Scottsdale and Denver.

“La Cima is the Twin Peaks franchisee that will be opening restaurants in the Southeastern U.S. Although Twin Peaks, the franchisor, is not a party to the lawsuit, I felt it necessary to issue the following comments due to the many media requests I have received.

“We think the lawsuit is frivolous and baseless. No one ever offered Twin Peaks any of Hooters trade secrets and it’s ludicrous we would ever want them anyway. To think we would benefit from using their trade secrets seems preposterous to me.

“At Twin Peaks, we have developed our own unique brand strategy, with systems and procedures that are unique to Twin Peaks. All of our franchisees, including La Cima, are required to use our systems and not use the strategy and systems from their previous company.

“We found Joe Hummel and the entire La Cima team to be highly ethical, experienced and capable restaurant executives. We wanted them as franchisees for those reasons. It made no difference to us what brand they were associated with previously.

“Finally, some reports have left the impression that Joe Hummel was involved in the development of Twin Peaks. Scott Gordon and I founded Twin Peaks in 2005. Joe was not a founder. Scott and I have never worked for Hooters and only went there a few times as customers. We did not think the food was very good and the brand was stuck in the 1980’s, but not in a cool retro way. The fact that they employ an attractive all-female service staff is hardly a secret.

“The bottom line is that any significant competitive advantages La Cima enjoys will come from Twin Peaks, not from the company they left.”

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Make Like Bandits During The Twin Peaks Talk Like A Pirate Parrrrty!

Most girls – even the Twin Peaks Girls – are drawn to the bad boy type, and what better historic example of the bad boy is there than the mysterious, swashbuckling pirate? Aye, matey; ‘Tis true!

To roughly commemorate International Talk Like A Pirate Day on Sept. 19 (what kind of barbaric scalawag picks a Monday to throw a party, anyway?), the Girls at the rapidly growing ultimate adventure lodge will dress up like pirates on Friday, Sept. 16, but with their own alluring and flirty spin to make timbers shiver. Avast, chummy wayfarers: It’ll be mutiny up at the Peaks, with plenty of booty for all!

Outfitted in pantaloons, corsets, sundry ragged skirts & the lot, the lasses will encourage guests to speak in seafarer tongues while smartly slogging Twin Peaks’ ice-cold brew and hearty, made-from-scratch galley grub. Also, throughout the week leading up to Sept. 16, the Captain Morganettes will be visiting Twin Peaks locations to promote the event as well as the Captain Morgasm, a featured shot made with Captain Morgan rum and “a hint of pirate’s gold” – making it this week’s grog of choice up at the Peaks.

Just for fun, prevent being boarded and drop ye anchor at Twin Peaks on Friday; the treasures only begin with the proud beauties on deck! Yarrr!

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Coby Brooks leaves Hooters for Twin Peaks to head franchise group

Less than three months after Twin Peaks named former Hooters CEO Rick Akam as its COO, the rapidly expanding Texas-based casual dining chain announced today that an investment group led by top former Hooters executives has signed a series of development agreements to open 35 Twin Peaks restaurants throughout six states over the next 10 years.

The majority partner of the franchise group is Coby Brooks, who until last month had served since 2003 as president and CEO of Atlanta-based Hooters of America, LLC, (HOA). After leaving Hooters of America, LLC last month, Brooks decided to pursue the Twin Peaks opportunity. He will be joined by:
- Joe Hummel, former Executive Vice President of Operations and Purchasing for HOA
- Roger Gondek, former Vice President of Company Store Operations for HOA
- Clay Mingus, former Vice President and General Counsel for HOA
- Jim Tessmer, former Vice President and Controller for HOA
- Patti Frederick, who served 17 years as Business Administrator to Bob Brooks, owner of HOA from 1984 until his death in 2006, and with the Brooks estate for the past five years.

Hummel, Gondek, Mingus and Tessmer all resigned from Hooters of America last month.

The franchise group will open restaurants in Florida, North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina and Tennessee over the next 10 years. The first two will open within 18 months with three to four restaurants to be added each year after that. The agreement represents more than 2,200 new jobs and includes options for restaurant development beyond the first 35.

Named a 2010 “Hot Concept!” by Nation’s Restaurant News, Twin Peaks has 15 locations throughout Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas. Six more restaurants are slated to open this year in San Antonio, Odessa, Houston, Baton Rouge, Scottsdale and Denver. Each restaurant features made-from-scratch food and ice cold draft beer served by friendly and attractive Twin Peaks Girls in a mountain sports lodge setting.

For Twin Peaks co-founder and CEO Randy DeWitt, the agreement represents a major milestone in the chain’s franchise expansion strategy announced earlier this year.

“To have these proven industry pros recognize the potential of Twin Peaks and want to be a part of that growth speaks volumes about the foundation we have put in place,” said DeWitt. “There is no doubt that this will have a major impact on our expansion plans.”

Shannon Glaser, Director of Franchise Development, added that “their commitment sends a signal to others looking to enter the casual dining field that Twin Peaks offers a tremendous opportunity.”

The agreement reunites the last two Hooters of America CEOs under Twin Peaks.

Akam served as CEO of Hooters of America from 1995 to 2003 where he oversaw national expansion of the young chain before turning that position over to Brooks. He then served as COO for Raving Brands and First Watch Restaurants, helping those enterprises improve operational efficiencies and develop a franchising strategy before founding his own restaurant consulting firm in early 2009.

“I have great respect for Rick and his understanding of what it takes to build a national restaurant brand,” said Brooks.  “His decision to join the Twin Peaks management team made my decision to pursue this opportunity that much easier.  I have certainly been watching Twin Peaks over the years. I like their product, atmosphere and the overall experience they give the consumer.  The professionalism and passion that Randy and his team displayed during negotiations only strengthened my resolve to partner with them and become part of their family.  Unquestionably, the team I have put in place is poised to rapidly build the Twin Peaks brand in the southeast and make Randy proud of what he has created and cultivated.”

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Twin Peaks makes your fantasy (football) reality

Up at the Peaks, we attract all sorts of hard-core football fans because we’re stacked with what a football fan needs: state-of-the-art audio-visual systems, great food and ice-cold beer, a complete satellite package, and the friendly and entertaining Twin Peaks Girls.

In fact, some say we’re their game-day football fantasy come true. Well, in that case, the ultimate adventure lodge had better throw a damn fine party for the ultimate hard-core football fan: the Fantasy Football player!

Twin Peaks has the ideal trappings for a fun and smooth Fantasy Football draft party. First, every one of our 15 locations has free and stable WiFi so league members can crunch player stats on the fly as picks are made – and we supply a high-quality draft board complete with custom selection markers. During the draft, participants can enjoy half-price Teasers (except for the Peaks Sampler) and specials on ice-cold Miller Lite draft beer. And because each league’s commissioner is “the man”, he’ll get a free “I’m the Man!” Twin Peaks T-shirt to wear during and after the draft!

Best of all, Fantasy Football draft parties at Twin Peaks are free! Call your nearest location to reserve a time slot through Sept. 10, so we can be sure to have some talented tight ends available to run patterns during your party. And don’t forget to get up to the Peaks to watch the games; we’ll have every single gridiron matchup available on our displays so you can track your fantasy choices. Game, on!

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Twin Peaks takes its pick of the liquor

Up on the Peaks, our guests thirst for much more than our ice-cold draft beer.  Some prefer top-shelf bourbon – so we’ve reserved some of America’s best whiskey for them.

In April, Twin Peaks representatives hand-selected a barrel of Buffalo Trace bourbon whiskey to be bottled exclusively for the ultimate adventure lodge. The yield of about 120 bottles of 90-proof Kentucky straight has arrived at each of Twin Peaks’ 10 Texas locations.

The selection is part of an ongoing leveling up of Twin Peaks’ substantial bar program, including its bourbon whiskey and cocktail selection.

“If our customers crave great whiskey at Twin Peaks, we should supply it – but why not go the extra mile to provide a great whiskey that no one else has?,” said Twin Peaks CEO Randy DeWitt. “For that, Buffalo Trace was the obvious choice. It’s a manly, assured whiskey with all sorts of layers, just like many of our customers.”

Twin Peaks actually went an extra 770 miles to the Buffalo Trace Distillery in Frankfort, Ky., to choose its barrel. After touring the historic and picturesque facility – operational as a distillery for 224 years – representatives tasted samples that were taken directly from four barrels. Noting taste, aroma, color, and finish characteristics, they selected one for the restaurant’s exclusive use.

Called “one of the world’s great whiskies” by Whiskey Magazine and rated a sky-high 93 by Wine Enthusiast magazine, Buffalo Trace is the historic distillery’s signature product. The nine-year, single-barrel, rye-recipe bourbon whiskey is bottled, corked, and finished by hand.

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Miss Twin Peaks 2011 has been crowned!

Brittany Wilkerson of Twin Peaks Frisco was crowned Miss Twin Peaks 2011 at this year’s Miss Twin Peaks Bikini Contest on Sunday evening at the ultimate adventure lodge’s flagship location in Addison, Texas.

Four-foot-eleven Wilkerson – affectionately known as “Lil’ Brit” at the Frisco restaurant – edged out Monica McClain (Miss Twin Peaks Austin) and Vanessa Wrigley (Miss Twin Peaks Lewisville) for the title. Miss Twin Peaks 2010, Stephanie Ho of Twin Peaks Round Rock, presented Wilkerson with a tiara and two dozen roses for the win. The two-time Twin Peaks Calendar Girl and model for the restaurant’s uniquely designed mouse pad also earned $1,000 and a feature page in the upcoming Twin Peaks 2012 Calendar.

“I am so, so proud to be named Miss Twin Peaks 2011,” Wilkerson said. “The Miss Twin Peaks Bikini Contest – heck, the entire Bikini Season at Twin Peaks – is incredibly fun to be a part of. Taking the title is a bonus! I love being a Twin Peaks Girl, and it feels awesome to know that so many Twin Peaks fans could see that in me during the contest.”

As Miss Twin Peaks 2011, Wilkerson exemplifies the “girl next door” archetype – confident, beautiful, friendly, warm, and comfortable anywhere, in anything. To determine Miss Twin Peaks, 14 of the restaurants staged their own Bikini Contests full of smiling Girls during the past month. The top two at each event competed at Sunday’s packed, indoor-outdoor Miss Twin Peaks Bikini Contest, which was judged by a mix of company representatives and Dallas-area personalities such as Jay Betsill of The Fort Worth Star-Telegram’s and Donovan Lewis of “The Ticket” KTCK-AM (1310).

“Twin Peaks Bikini Season is really a celebration more than a competition,” said co-founder and CEO Randy DeWitt. “It’s a showcase of our beautiful Twin Peaks Girls, who work really hard to look great. Without them, we wouldn’t be having so much success.”

Rachael McCoy (Miss Twin Peaks Addison) took home the Miss Congeniality Award. Other finalists included Cat Wiesenhaus and Jaimie Romero of Twin Peaks Albuquerque, Melissa Trentacosta of Twin Peaks Addison, C.J. Sturdevant and April Schlect of Twin Peaks Plano, and Michelle Edgerly of Twin Peaks Webster.

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Miss Twin Peaks 2011 To Be Crowned on July 24

Twin Peaks Girls exemplify the “girl next door” – confident, beautiful, friendly, warm, and comfortable anywhere, in anything. So which Twin Peaks Girl deserves to be named Miss Twin Peaks 2011?

Find out on July 24 as Twin Peaks concludes Bikini Contest Season with the grand finale: the 2011 Miss Twin Peaks Bikini Contest! During the three-hour event at the rapidly growing ultimate adventure lodge’s flagship restaurant in Addison, more than two dozen of our most prized assets will wow judges and guests in pursuit of the coveted title.

This year, an air-conditioned tent with VIP seating and a pulsating soundtrack will contain the high-energy crowd, allowing them incredible 360-degree views as the finalists strut around in their hottest swimwear.

“Twin Peaks Bikini Season is really a celebration more than a competition,” said CEO Randy DeWitt. “It’s a showcase of our beautiful Twin Peaks Girls, who work really hard to look great. Without them, we wouldn’t be having so much success.”

To determine the contestants, 14 Twin Peaks locations are now staging their own events full of smiling Twin Peaks Girls. The top two at each restaurant’s contest will earn a spot in the Miss Twin Peaks Bikini Contest, where the winner will earn $1,000 and a feature page in the Twin Peaks 2012 Calendar.

Judges will include a mix of company representatives and Dallas-area personalities, who will rate the Girls’ poise, personality, and appearance as well as crowd appeal and answers to pre-selected questions.

The Miss Twin Peaks Bikini Contest is July 24 at 8 p.m. at Twin Peaks Addison, 5260 Belt Line Road in Addison. Admission is $10, which includes equivalent credit toward a future Twin Peaks adventure. For more information and tickets, call 972-503-7325 or email

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Twin Peaks Mesquite’s Nicole charms Esquire magazine

The gentlemen at Esquire magazine think so highly of the scenery up at Twin Peaks Restaurants, they just had to talk to one of our Twin Peaks Girls for a feature.

We certainly can’t blame those New York City slickers for being enthralled by our Girls’ charm, attentiveness, and assets! So we set Esquire staffer Mark Mikin up on a quick phone date with Nicole, a Girl from our Mesquite location who took a break from shooting the Twin Peaks 2012 Calendar to speak with him. Among the fun nuggets she shared with in the ensuing article on the men’s magazine’s “Eat Like a Man” blog:

ESQ: Are you a big plaid wearer outside of work, or is that work-only attire?
Nicole: Actually, yes. But not red flannel. I’ll wear blue flannel. Just not red. [Laughs.]

ESQ: What do you hope to get into when your tenure is over?
Nicole: I’m about to start going to med school. I want to be a sonographer.
ESQ: Why that, in particular?
Nicole: Well, my dad works in a children’s hospital. So I’ve always been around it. I just love babies, and I love when I watch TV and I see a show, and they figure out what the sex is of the baby. It’s just a really exciting, good thing to be a part of.

ESQ: I don’t remember the last time someone asked me to hold a chainsaw for work.
Nicole: Yeah that was a first!

Wonder why she was holding a chainsaw? Well, Nicole does work at an ultimate adventure lodge … find out why and read the rest of the article here!

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Twin Peaks Bikini Contest Season is here!

The girl next door. You know who she is. She’s the one with confidence, class, grace, and beauty. She’s friendly, warm, and comfortable anywhere, in anything.

Everybody knows a girl like that. But up at Twin Peaks, there are many Girls like that! So now that summer’s here, the rapidly growing ultimate adventure lodge begins its annual quest to find out which Twin Peaks Girl deserves to be named the Twin Peaks Girl. It’s Bikini Contest Season!

From June 26-July 18, 14 Twin Peaks locations will stage lodge-specific pageants featuring dozens of wholesome Twin Peaks Girls smiling, flirting, answering questions, and strutting their two-piece stuff in front of judges, video and still cameras, and our customers. At stake is a trip to the Miss Twin Peaks Bikini Contest on July 24 in Addison, TX for the chance to earn the perk-filled Miss Twin Peaks 2011 title.

“The Twin Peaks Bikini Contest is really a celebration more than a competition,” said Twin Peaks CEO Randy DeWitt. “At each one, we’re showcasing what we’re most proud of up here: the friendly, attentive, and wholesome Twin Peaks Girl. They’re all beautiful and talented, and without the scenery that they provide, Twin Peaks wouldn’t be such a comfortable, crave-able place to be.”

During the contest, each Twin Peaks will transform into a pulsing, emcee-guided event venue, with many turning their bar top into a catwalk and their state-of-the-art A/V system into a simulcast feed. Each contest will feature two rounds of Girls walking, talking and posing individually all over the restaurant before the top three are determined, announced, and honored; the top two will move onto the Finals, where the winner will earn a cash prize and a spot in the Twin Peaks 2012 Calendar, among other bounty.

Contestants will be judged by a panel recruited from the surrounding community, and criteria will range from poise, personality, and appearance to crowd appeal and the Girls’ answers to pre-selected questions.  When Twin Peaks determines its ultimate ambassadress, it should leave no next door unopened!

Location contests are as follows: Tulsa, OK on June 26; Omaha, NE and Round Rock, TX on June 28; Albuquerque, NM on July 6; Webster, TX and Frisco, TX on July 10; Bedford, TX on July 11; Lewisville, TX on July 12; Addison, TX and Oklahoma City, OK on July 13; Plano, TX on July 16; Mesquite, TX and Austin, TX on July 17; and McKinney, TX on July 18.  Contests, which are for ages 21 and up only, are from 8:30 to 11:30 p.m., and admission is $5, which includes equivalent credit toward a future Twin Peaks adventure.

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