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Twin Peaks Girls Welcome Home the Troops At DFW Airport!

DFW AIRPORT, Texas – On May 12, a quartet of Twin Peaks’ most prized assets volunteered to help commence some rest and relaxation for some of our nation’s finest.

Mandy, Tess, Juanita, and Christina of Twin Peaks’ Lewisville and Addison locations deployed to Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport to welcome home dozens of U.S. Army troops returning from extended tours of duty in the Middle East and elsewhere. Soldiers from 1st Cavalry Division, 1 Infantry Division, and other U.S. Army groups were among the heartily greeted.

But the Twin Peaks Girls didn’t just offer up smiles and an invite to join them at Twin Peaks, where all active-duty U.S. military members can score a free entrée on Memorial Day. They bore gifts: reserve copies of the sold-out Twin Peaks 2001 Calendar, filled with coupons worth more than $200 as well as photos of 24 Twin Peaks Girls frolicking at a rural Texas resort lodge in all manner of dress.

In December, Twin Peaks committed to sending hundreds of hot-off-the-press 2011 Calendars overseas – donated by restaurant guests and matched by the company – to U.S. Armed Forces troops in Iraq and Afghanistan to help raise morale. Since then, a rotating squad of Twin Peaks Girls has been present at several military transport flights to DFW to welcome home inbound servicemen and women right alongside friends and family.

This kind of outreach is natural for Twin Peaks – where weapons of mass distraction can always be found.

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