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Becoming a Twin Peaks Franchisee

We have an attractive restaurant concept; our customers tell us so every day. But when a seasoned restaurant pro appreciates this business opportunity – well, that’s truly flattering! Thank you for your interest in our franchise program. Getting involved now will maximize your opportunity to grow your business with us.

Lucky for us, not many restaurants have good business models. At Twin Peaks our Attractive Business Model is our biggest selling point! But how many have applied it to the restaurant business? Lucky for us, damn few. And that means huge opportunities for expansion.

Twin Peaks does not compete directly with the “bar & grill” or “sports bar” segments of casual dining. Instead, we are in a less developed but more attractive niche that requires better food, colder beer and hotter girls than our competition. Our carefully engineered systems simplify the Twin Peaks operation, empowering skilled casual dining operators to dominate our segment in home markets.

We award franchises to only the best candidates in each market. The continued growth and success of our brand depends on our franchisees, and our highly experienced leadership team works side by side with them to deliver the support needed to dominate each market.

If you think you’ve got game as a top-level Twin Peaks franchise candidate, please complete and return our Franchise Candidate Application. Afterward, we will contact you to discuss the opportunities available!

In August 2011 an investment group led by former Hooters of America President and CEO Coby Brooks became Twin Peaks’ largest franchisee. The group, La Cima Restaurants, will open 35 Twin Peaks locations throughout the southeast.

“I like their product, atmosphere and the overall experience they give the consumer,” Brooks said about Twin Peaks. “The professionalism and passion…only strengthened my resolve to become part of their family.”